Jim Broadstreet

Jim Broadstreet Photo

    Jim Broadstreet is a trumpet player from Oakland, California.   His first band in the 1980’s was called the “Feetwarmers” and featured blues singer, Brenda Boykin. He has played also in “The Dialtones” and “Club Sandwich” with the great local guitarist, Chris Grampp.   Growing up in the South and living for six years in New Orleans, Jim was influenced by both Dixieland and popular music.  He can be found on weekends at one of the local traditional jazz clubs where he plays on jam sets.  About Carol’s Jazz Cats, Jim says: “I love playing in this band!  There is a freedom to explore and the band members make an effort to listen carefully to each other.  Carol and I always try to push the energy of the music and let the listeners enjoy the richness and punch of traditional jazz.”